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The Project Moqos and the tool Open Nettest are based on Open Source code released by RTR GmbH in 2012. Other countries have subsequently also implemented Nettest, based on the same source code with minor variations. A non-exhaustive list of reference implementations follows:


Project website: https://www.netztest.at
Owner: RTR GmbH - Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Austria (https://www.rtr.at)
Initial implementation: 2012

AKOS Test Net

Project website: https://www.akostest.net
Owner: AKOS - Agency for communication networks and services of the Republic of Slovenia (http://www.akos-rs.si/)
Initial implementation: 2015

CTU Netmetr

Project website: https://www.netmetr.cz/
Owner: CZ.NIC (https://www.nic.cz) and CTU – Czech Telecommunication Office, Czech Rep. (http://www.ctu.cz/)
Initial implementation: 2014

RATEL Nettest

Project website: https://www.nettest.ratel.rs/
Owner: RATEL - Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, Serbia (http://www.ratel.rs/
Initial implementation: 2015

Merac Internetu

Project website: https://www.meracinternetu.sk
Owner: RU SK - Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, Slovak Republic (http://www.teleoff.gov.sk/
Initial implementation: 2016

Project coordinator:

CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.
Milesovska 1136/5,
130 00 Praha 3, CZ

Tel.: +420 770 125 720
Email: [email protected]