The below table summarises all major milestones defined in the project.

#Milestone descriptionIndicative completion dateMeans of verification
1Release of the mobile app for crowdsourcing data31.07.2017Application is available for free download on the official mobile app markets, link sent to INEA
2A functional framework for crowdsourcing data from fixed-line is in operation31.07.2017Framework description provided to INEA in the form of a report; data from the framework Available on-line (link provided to INEA)
3100.000 end-user tests performed31.03.2018List of performed tests available on website, results shared with INEA
4250.000 end-user tests performed31.08.2017List of performed tests available on website, results shared with INEA
5Initial analysis for proposing a European standard31.10.2017Report submitted to INEA.
6Launching crossborder interactive map of the QoS of broadband01.01.2018Interactive map available on-line, link shared with INEA
7Final analysis of the crowdsourcing measurement data compared with other measurements31.12.2018Report submitted to INEA.
8Kick off meeting – Kickoff of the Action where the work plan and the management strategies will be discussed and agreed01.03.2017Consortium agreement and work plan are ready and agreed among the beneficiaries and shared with INEA
9Stakeholders Group is set up31.08.2018List of members submitted to INEA
10Compliance with the Metadata Quality Assurance (MQA) tool for datasets31.12.2018Relevant datasets (including metadata) resulting from the action are published on a national portal or catalogue that is harvested by the European Data Portal, under which the MQA can be performed, onfirmation in the final report submitted to INEA

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