2nd Stakeholders’ conference

12 June 2018 | Sopot | Poland

The First Stakeholders Conference of the MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) project, which took place in Vienna on 7 December 2017 was a huge success and now we’re ready to share the latest developments concerning the project. That’s why we’re inviting all our associates, colleagues and partners to join us at the Second Stakeholders Conference in Sopot on 12th June. 

Introducing Open Nettest

Since opening discussions on the implementation of network neutrality principles, the measurement of Quality of Service (QoS) has been a key focus for European regulators. As a result, BEREC (the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) is seeking to implement a single reference tool, which national regulators can use to protect consumers and ensure the compliance of the QoS standards provided by ISPs to customers.

Which is why Specure, the technology partner of the MoQos project, has further developed the Nettest open source platform to create Open Nettest – a fully featured broadband metrics system which is already in use by several national regulatory authorities.

First steps

At the first workshop, we introduced MoQos and Nettest to representatives of eleven national telecommunication regulatory bodies. We also discussed methodologies and trends in QoS measurement and how the Nettest platform is able to meet those needs by evaluating criteria recommended by BEREC for QoS measurement.

Going further

Given the impending launch of 5G networks, Specure is further developing the Nettest platform, to allow for the collection, processing and visualisation of data related to the quality of service and quality of experience. On the day of the event, we will be discussing those developments and how the technology can help us meet the challenges coming down the road.

As the 35th BEREC plenary meetings are taking place in Gdansk between the 13th and 15th June, we are extending an invitation to all the delegates attending to join us on the day before the BEREC event.

We sincerely hope you can make it and we look forward to welcoming you all there.

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