Activity 4: Developing mobile app for crowdsourcing data

Indicative start date: 01.01.2017

Indicative end date: 31.07.2017

Related Milestone(s): 1

In order to measure the quality of service (QoS) of mobile broadband, a mobile application will be developed, designed for measurements carried out by end users.

The activity is led by Martes Specure.

The application, based on the Nettest/Netmetr applications, will be operated by national telecommunications regulator and translated into a given language of the member state where the Action is implemented (Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian).

For end-users, a key feature of the application is the possibility of measuring the connection quality and comparing whether it corresponds to parameters declared by their ISP and any potential next steps – e.g. complaint of connection parameters. Another reason for application usage and performance tests can be solidarity with the Internet community and a willingness to contribute, even with a small part, to results that can find wider use.

Contrary to similar, commercial applications on the market, with the newly proposed application (based on Nettest/Netmetr), all data collected is open data and is freely available. Within this activity, several tests in all participating countries will be performed.

From the platforms´ point of view, the application will be available for the most widespread Android and iOS operation systems. Among the main functions of the application will be not only the possibility to measure the speed of uploading and downloading, but also a wide range of other parameters such as the strength of the signal, reaction time for a response (ping) or adhering to the net neutrality principles (unaltered content, accuracy of responses to DNS queries, test of TCP/UDP ports).

Mobile app will be developed on an iterative basis. Every new feature or patch will be released in a format which allows its independent integration into the national applications.

The activity is led by Specure. Purchase of hardware components will be subcontracted.

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