Activity 2: Dissemination and Deployment

Indicative start date: 01/01/2017

Indicative end date: 31/12/2018

Related Milestone(s): 3, 4, 10

The objective of the activity is to disseminate the Action’s results. Three key target groups have been identified for the dissemination activities, each group to be addressed with the help of different tools.

The activity is led by Specure.

  1. End users in the participating countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia). End users represent a key for the Action´s success and for generating critical amount of data (tests), which has been set down to at least 50 000 (for the entire duration of the project) in each country and 250 000 in total in all participating countries. To address end users, who, in many cases will be representatives of the general (lay) public, the Action will release informative articles in media to present the advantages driven by the use of the application.
    While measuring fixed lines, a critical mass of users may receive small promotional gifts to be given as incentives in order to motivate them to participate in this measurement. These incentives will be not covered from the CEF funding.
  2. The project will pay special attention to the National Telecom Regulators who are not yet participating in the Action to encourage them be part of the preparation of an open-data standard. Natural partners will be especially the signatories of the “Memorandum of Cooperation in the field QoS and spectrum management” initiated by the Czech Telecommunication Office in 2015.
    The Action will also closely cooperate with the regulators in the relevant BEREC group. The project partners will strive for deployment of the application into other countries not participating in the Action.
    Disseminating activities will also target the community of experts, including the European Commission, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and related projects and initiatives (e.g. MONROE, SamKnows and Smart Radio Monitor (SRM) operated by the Joint Research Centre of European Commission).
  3. Finally, the Action will target public bodies responsible for open data in European countries, to promote, support and exchange best-practice with the aim of opening and making public other data sets connected with activities of the National Telecom Authorities.
    In order to involve the professional public the project will establish a Stakeholders Group, to which the representatives of telecom regulators not participating in the project will be invited, as well as potential users of the project´s outputs, experts on the open data problematic and representatives of public administration.
    Costs linked to certain awareness raising activities (external printing of leaflets, advertisement on social networks and similar) will be subcontracted.

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