Activity 1: Project Management

Indicative start date: 01/01/2017

Indicative end date: 31/12/2018

Related Milestone(s): 8

An integral part of the project will be represented by the management and the coordination of individual activities among project partners.

The activity is led by CZ.NIC.

Internal management of the project will focus especially on human resource management, financial management, everyday communication with project partners and reporting. Within the management activity are planned at least 8 project meetings, out of which at least 4 will be taking the form of a teleconference. The internal management will include also setting the terms and conditions, especially preparing and signing the Cooperation Agreement, further distribution of payments to the consortium participants and regular monitoring of their use.

Interim and financial and technical reports will be prepared for the European Commission/INEA and CZ.NIC Association will be the unique hannel of communication to INEA.

This activity´s output will be represented by the Cooperation Agreement as well as by the mid-term and final reports for the INEA/European Commission.

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