About project MoQoS

The project aims at facilitating cooperation among national telecom regulators across Europe by creating, publishing and reusing open data related to broadband Internet on a newly created platform.

The project will establish a cross-border platform for crowdsourcing data related to the quality of service of high-speed Internet. Part of the platform will be enlarging and improving the application for collecting data on both mobile broadband and fixed-lines. 

These applications will be operated directly by national telecom regulators from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, who will guarantee the accuracy of the data and at the same time use them for comparison with data provided by operators and ISPs, as well as for other analyses e.g. indicating meeting (or not meeting) the broadband coverage in rural areas. In total, at least 300.000 tests in in the four participating countries will be performed during the project.

The platform will also contain visualization of aggregated data allowing end users an easy check of the quality of coverage at a given place and will enable the data to be published on national and European open data portals.

An integral part of the project will involve proposing a data standard based especially on the BEREC recommendation and related EU requirements.

Project coordinator

CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.
Milesovska 1136/5,
130 00 Praha 3, CZ

Tel.: +420 770 125 720
Email: michala.radotinska@nic.cz

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