About project MoQoS

The project aims at facilitating cooperation among national telecom regulators across Europe by creating, publishing and reusing open data related to broadband Internet on a newly created platform.

The project will establish a cross-border platform for crowdsourcing data related to the quality of service of high-speed Internet. Part of the platform will be enlarging and improving the application for collecting data on both mobile broadband and fixed-lines. 

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Main Benefits for European Regulators

Other EU regulators can participate in the project activities free of charge. In particular, they can use the measurement platform and obtain the corresponding apps for use on their local market.

The main benefits include:

  • Measurement tool for web, iOS and Android provided free of charge,
  • Regulator get access to measurements from his country as raw data / open data,
  • There is no setup cost and no operational cost.
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The test delivers an accurate measurement of the maximum bandwidth available over a given Internet connection. This is achieved by transferring multiple parallel data streams over separate TCP connections within a predefined amount of time. The transferred data consist of randomly generated data with high entropy. It is not expected that the (pseudo) random number generator meets cryptographic requirements. However, it must effectively prohibit data compression during the transmission.

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Poland hosts the second MoQoS conference

Austrian company Specure, offering internet service quality measurement tool Nettest, organised the second stakeholder conference of the MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) project in Sopot, Poland on 12 June, as a follow-up of the first stakeholder conference in Vienna in December 2017. The project partners include the Czech domain registry CZ.NIC as the project’s coordinator and the Austrian company Specure as the project’s technology partner. 

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2nd Stakeholders’ conference

12 June 2018 | Sopot | Poland

The First Stakeholders Conference of the MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) project, which took place in Vienna on 7 December 2017 was a huge success and now we’re ready to share the latest developments concerning the project. That’s why we’re inviting all our associates, colleagues and partners to join us at the Second Stakeholders Conference in Sopot on 12th June. 

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Specure, CZ.NIC hold conference on service quality measurement project

On 07 December, the First Stakeholders Conference of the project MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) took place in Vienna. The project scheduled for 2017-2018 is co-financed by the European Union from the Connecting Europe Facility with a budget of EUR 997,808. The MoQoS project members comprise the regulators of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, CZ.NIC and Specure.

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1st Stakeholders’ conference

Castle of Schönbrunn, Vienna, December 7th, 2017

National telecom regulators discussed challenges in quality of service (QoS) measurement

On 7 December 2017, the MoQoS project held its first stakeholders´ workshop aimed at measuring the so-called Quality of Service of high-speed Internet using the crowdsourcing method.

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